My girlfriend works as an escort and I’ll tell you what happens to me with her and her profession.

My girlfriend is an escort.

The distinction between an escort and a prostitute used to be that the former were for accompanying events and other places and not for sex.

This definition became more flexible over time because prostitutes used it as a way of “covering themselves”.

In reality, the services are similar today, with the distinction that in addition to sex, escorts offer “dating” services: they go out to dinner, go somewhere (safe) with the client, etc.

Being an escort in a country where it is regulated

She is a legal escort in Nevada, USA, so she is relatively safe and the state’s statutes ensure that she is in good health.

Your body is part of the package you sell, but so is your mind.

So, besides eating well and staying fit, she reads a lot and has a lot of interesting things to say, because that’s also part of the job.

I make $75,000 a year (which would be $6,250 a month) and she makes more than three times as much as I do, which means that even though I’m 36 and she’s 26, she has more money for retirement and to buy a house than I do.

She, like most escorts, is extremely clean.

She bathes and brushes her teeth between clients.

Also, if you work in a legal brothel where people are paying attention to the rules, the condom should always be on, even during oral sex.

She gets tested very often, despite all the precautions to meet the regulations of the place where she works and state law.


Our conversations are interesting. The stories of his work keep us entertained.

“This guy wanted me to masturbate him while he was watching a movie… he put on’Finding Dory’ and started crying after 10 minutes”, she tells me. The escorts tell the best stories!

I get asked a lot about sex with her.

There are many examples of physical affection that she rarely – or never – would choose to share with a client.

For example, tantric sex, sharing breathing while making love, hugging, pampering, caring for each other with meaningful physical gestures of affection.

Most of us were in a relationship with someone who had sex with someone before us, would you feel unable to be close to the person you love knowing that you shared that connection with someone else in the past?

Jealousy is only a problem if monogamy was the agreed paradigm when the relationship began.

I knew what train I was getting on.

If I know everything that is going on, my confidence is not being broken, I am not being lied to and I am not being manipulated.

The rest is knowing I’m the guy she’s coming home for.

Anyway, I understand it’s not for everyone.

Sex is usually a symbol, a way of imparting deep desire and affection for someone. While that is mine, truly mine, the rest is semantics to me.People who generally use the escort service are very lonely, have aesthetic problems, self-confidence problems or personality problems.

Then you have guys with money who just don’t have time to invest in real relationships and just want to have fun.

My girlfriend takes care of them, makes them feel attractive and lets the world disappear for a while for them, because that is her job and she is very good at it.

However, she is always in “work mode”: she looks at the clock, watches the danger, pays attention to the customer experience.

That has nothing to do with what it’s like at home.

Many say they couldn’t handle being with someone who shares that intimacy with someone else, but is it really intimacy? Not on the same level. It’s just a physical act.


My girlfriend is honest and not afraid of who she is.

Relationships are based on communication and trust. Some people can handle being with someone who has sex as a form of work and others cannot, but no one wants to give their heart to a liar.

I’m not ashamed of who I am, who she is, or our relationship.

I’m not an ugly guy and I feel like I have a lot to offer.

Not all relationships work, of course, but so far everything has been very smooth.

Relationships rarely work well for insecure people, and that happens even in the best of circumstances.

Communication is the key, many have preconceived ideas of what a relationship is supposed to be like.

This is just a normal job that is not good most of the time and is worth it just for the money, especially when you have to deal with a sticky, obsessed client or with experiences that seem to be out of a nightmare.


My girlfriend encouraged me, if I wanted to, to be with someone else, but honestly I have little interest.

Regarding taking it as a job, the reality is that male escorts almost always serve male clients, but if there was a market for working with women and I wanted to do it, obviously she wouldn’t mind.

However, I am her fellow supporter, not your coworker.

She has a lot of partners to fulfill her clients’ fantasies of being with more than one person and can do so in a safe environment. I choose to stay out of it all.


Some are stuck in the idea that a woman’s courage and intelligence can be measured by how often she has sex and with how many people she has sex.

I wonder if they’d think the same way if I were a man.

She is a great person, we talk a lot about philosophy, quantum mechanics, socio-political issues and science.

You can’t just say “all these women are useless because they spread their legs for money and obviously have no other skills”. It’s just not true.

Some should check the yardstick they use to judge women’s intelligence and courage by how often they open their legs.

Why should what my partner chooses to do or not to do with his or her body affect our relationship or my self-esteem?

I respect that other people don’t have the same perspective as me, but that doesn’t make me any less proud of who I am.

If our relationship fails, it won’t be related to what she does for a living.

Relationships can work without sex at all or by having a mass orgy every weekend.

Sex is an act, good things are in what you share with each other.

I’m not interested in having casual sex with a lot of women, I got that out of my system in my 20s.

My girlfriend sometimes brings someone home from work. Honestly, that’s already my “extracurricular activities” limit.

She did this for a living when we first started dating (even though I knew her before).

It’s your money, not mine. It’s his body, not mine.

My partner is not my property.

She chooses to share herself with me and that’s beautiful.

The only part you have to decide if you drink is with sex, and that’s his job. At least we’re honest with each other and we communicate. I would always choose it over my previous relationships.