The story of two escorts, one poor, one rich.

Two faces, one reality: prostitution. Vanessa is an economic prostitute. The cheapest service it offers is $50,000. Jessica is a prepaid VIP. Your minimum rate is $400,000.

For *Jessica the cell phone is fundamental, it has two. She is called every day to be invited to ostentatious trips and parties, *Vanessa doesn’t have a cell phone. Every night she goes out on the street to get customers.

She is 20 years old and lives with his mother and two underage sisters in Santo Domingo Sabio, a popular neighborhood in a commune in the northeast of Medellín. She is the head of the household, her mother is out of work so she decided eight months ago to become a prostitute.

She is a brunette, has long hair (up to her waist) and large hips, not as much as her breasts, which are firm but not operated on. There’s no money for that. He studied until ninth grade. And for now, he doesn’t have the time, or the desire, to continue studying.

On the other side of town, there’s 25-year-old Jessica. She lives alone with her pet in an apartment located in one of Medellín’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Like *Vanessa does, *Jessica is financially responsible for her mom and siblings, but she doesn’t have to go out on the street to wait for the highest bidder’s offer, she just waits for her cell phones to ring before going to work.

She is at university, has his own car, has a clothing boutique and has worked in more than ten countries: “I know Mexico, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Turkey, China, several European countries and Dubai. Since I have my own business, the day I feel the need to retire from this (prostitution), I will do it without any problem,” she says proudly.

Jessica is voluptuous. Her breasts and large hip, blond hair, tanned skin and face show less and less of the Jessica she used to be. She had surgery on his nose, chin and mouth. She’s been working as a prepay for four years. “My clients are cute and exclusive,” she says, not working out of necessity but to sustain a lifestyle.

A whore and a prepaid

For *Vanessa there is no difference, the two of them sleep for silver. “I’ve been a little prostitute, but I see that those who call themselves prepaid are invited to restaurants and other places before being eaten. They invite them to places where everyone knows they’re whores; they come in with their sneaky little faces, pretending to be fine women but going. We stand in the street without appearing to be anything and go to what it is: to the motel for as long as the client wants and leave, but whatever the protocol, we both have the same goal.

Jessica thinks differently. “They are two different things: firstly, we are not on the street, secondly, it is not with just anyone; nor is it with any chichigua and thirdly, it is not always to have sex, but to accompany clients to rumbas or events”.

How much does Vanessa charge and how much does Jessica charge?

Both agree that the rate may vary, but according to *Jessica the circumstances are different.

“The price of a prepayment is not lowered or negotiated. What is done is that if the customer needs you for several days, he is given a special price. For example, my fee for simple service is 400,000 pesos for 90 minutes, and if more than three meetings are held and they are paid immediately, I round up the value to 1 million pesos. A rumba service, which is usually all night, costs between 700,000 and 1 million pesos, depending on whether you like the plan or not, finally, when you are invited to a trip and regardless of whether it is to a town or another country, it must be paid for and the rate is 500,000 pesos per day. No rebate,” he warns.

On the other hand, Vanessa handles no more than two rates. “For an hour in a motel he charged between 100,000 and 150,000 pesos depending on the client, but if he only wants a blow job, it’s 50,000. I do not travel, nor do I dawn because I do not know them and it is better to avoid death”.

Why did you end up in the world of prostitution?

Vanessa says it was out of necessity. “My father died and my mother had to do the cleaning in other people’s houses and that doesn’t give us enough to live on. Then, by my own decision, I began to prostitute myself, I started in the center and now in Lleras Park. I work to support my family, no one knows about anyone, no one has to judge. Obviously, I’m not going to do this all my life, but for now it’s all there is to it.

Jessica is sincere. He ended up doing what she does only for money. “Poorly at home nothing was missing, I finished school and they started paying me for a degree, but because of my eagerness to want to have it all, I took pictures and signed up for an Internet portal that promotes pre-payments. They called me and it started to go really well. I worked there for a year because I had to give a percentage to the owner of the page, who asked me to sleep with him as a requirement, then I became independent, obviously I already had the contact of all the clients”.

How do you handle your job in front of family and friends?

Jessica is clear on that. “Everybody knows that. People are not dumb, it is obvious that if you see a woman alone putting up photos all over the world and she doesn’t work, but she has everything, don’t think she’s prepaid, then what you say is that she’s a model and there’s half a thing in the pod. Another thing is that if you give money to the family, the rest doesn’t matter, my mom is very interested, so she doesn’t fuck with me,” says the model.

For *Vanessa it’s a little more complicated. Her mother doesn’t scold her for what she does but scolds her when she arrives without money. “I have tried to be discreet, but a lot of girls come down from Santo Domingo to go to whorehouses, then they see you and water the gossip, I don’t care anymore, in the end I am the one who does it. My mom plays dumb with the subject and gets angry when I don’t give her money.

One could say at this point in the story, that the big difference is that one earns more money than the other, but if I prepaid it already has enough capital to live on without prostitution, why does it continue to do so?

“My life is delicious, at this moment I sleep with the one I want and not the one I get, of course I got ugly and I got mistreated, but now it’s different and I usually travel to work.”

Luxury and more luxury surround the prepaid. Vanessa, who stands on the street, says she doesn’t envy this. “I wasn’t born to be a whore, it’s something that touched me for the moment and what woman wouldn’t do it to see her family well? Unlike the prepaid ones, I wasn’t born to stay in this business. That’s why we street whores don’t give out the data, nor do we keep anyone’s phone number, because we’re hoping to get out of here.