“If sex feeds you, who cares what people say?”

Paola is an escort, that is, she offers escort services. She does the work independently; she doesn’t stop at a corner, she just goes “in line”. He doesn’t wait for a car to stop, he just checks “the tweets or the whats” and makes an appointment. It is advertised through web portals and social networks.

Paola is an escort, that is, she offers escort and sex service services. She does the work independently; she doesn’t stop at a corner, she just goes “in line”. He doesn’t wait for a car to stop, he just checks “the tweets or the whats” and makes an appointment. It is advertised through web portals and social networks.

The need to pursue her studies led her to look for employment options in Mexico City to cover her expenses. “What can I do about it? What do I do best, I thought,” says the short-haired, blond woman.

Paola’s friends, who worked as escorts, suggested that she advertise on the ZonaDivas website, an advertising site for models and escorts. Paola researched what was needed to advertise and hired a photographer to do a session for her, as photographs are a prerequisite for registering on the portal. On this site, a photographer is announced who offers a package of 20 photographs for 8,000 pesos that includes “location, makeup, hairstyle, three changes of clothes and digital retouching”.

“If you want to advertise on ZonaDivas you have to pay 3,700 pesos a month; it’s not cheap. But the people who recommend the site tell you that you’re going to do well, that you’re going to make the investment. Between the photos and the easy publication you will get about ten thousand pesos, if not more, they can be up to 15 thousand pesos, depending on how you want to see yourself. Here, a few home pictures won’t do you any good. If you want to make a good living you have to spend. Everything costs here.
In her first photo shoot Paola was nervous, but after “a while” she says she is more confident. “It’s not that I’ve ever needed anyone else to help me, simply and simply. Well, just the customers. But no one else.”

In the photographs for publication you can see the face or it can be covered, depending on the advertiser. After filling out a form with the real data, before a notary, the women sign a contract with ZonaDivas in which they declare to work independently.

Once Paola met all the requirements, she invented a stage name, “Venus Princess”, to give a performance with a bed as the main stage.

The Divas Zone portal started in 2001 under the name “Divas” and changed its name to “Divas” in 2006. The website belongs to the company Beat, S.A. de C.V. whose creator is Ignacio Antonio Santoyo, known as Sony.

The project was born at the suggestion of an Argentinean friend of Sony, she was working as an escort and mentioned that in Mexico there was no website to advertise these services independently. Currently, the portal has 400 registered women and receives 30 to 60 thousand daily visits. “The traffic is high; we are also talking about unique visitors, according to the traffic analysis systems,” said the company’s spokesman, Alejandro Caballero.

For Ignacio Antonio Santoyo, what characterizes the site is that the company certifies each of the advertisers and ensures legal support. “Anyone from your computer can create a portal. There are free portals, those are the benefits of the Internet, but being an established company that has a prestigious portal such as ZonaDivas, with all the legal records needed to put a company, is different. As a legal company you pay taxes.

ZonaDivas was regularly mentioned in different media after three of its advertisers were killed in the last two months of 2017 and in February of this year. “Girls take the same risk if they advertise on Twitter, Facebook or on the page. They were able to meet their attacker inside the page, the same and yes, the same and no. We can’t know who is calling them,” said the company spokesman.

In Mexico, there are more than 50 pages operating under an advertising model similar to that of ZonaDivas, where men and women advertise company services, says the CEO. Each portal announces between 200 and 700 escorts, where photos, general information and contact telephone numbers are displayed.

Platforms such as mileroticos.com, sexoservidoras.com and substitutes.com, publish free companion service announcements in the country, and recently, the site, Sexlave, joined these portals specialized in company announcements, but innovated by creating a tutorial on Youtube to facilitate the registration of their advertisers. It’s a five-step, four-minute video that has over 800 hits. It is the rise of supply and demand in the sex trade.

Most sites are unregulated. Octavio Victoria, head of the Public Security Secretariat’s liaison department, mentions that the preventive cybercrime police monitor social networks and websites in general in order to prevent crimes from being committed to prevent identity theft or human trafficking, but “removing or deleting a portal is never the solution because just like removing it, they pick it up again and this is repetitive,” he says.

Paola, in addition to advertising her services on pages, makes use of her Twitter account, where she has more than 93,000 followers; she says it’s her best publicity and she doesn’t have to pay for it, hence she gets most of her customers. “I get about 15 proposals and from there it can be 3 to 5 services, depending on what the body can take.

Her number of followers increased when, at the 2016 Olympics, Paola wrote on her Twitter account: “We want medals, motherfuckers, I give free service to the Olympic medalist who cheers Mexico up,” was a trend on social networks. “Demand for services rose. Everyone wanted to be with the girl from the Rio games,” he explains.

Venus tours the country and offers its services around the country. “I never stay in one place, I only stay three or two days. You could say I don’t live here or there. I walk everywhere.” The idea came about because network users in various parts of the country were asking for its services.

“I started to do socioeconomic studies of each city and see which one I should go to. I checked the number of inhabitants to give myself a margin that I could or could not get a job and it would be convenient to pay the expenses, because as I am traveling in my car… you have to see the way it is business,” Paola says.

Twitter has become a catalogue of advertising for women and sexual services by simply placing the word “escort” on its search engine. In websites or social network ads, sometimes, the price for the service they provide is shown, ranging from three hundred pesos to five thousand pesos per hour.

There is not a strong presence on Facebook of pages about providing escort services, but there are many “recruiters” who look for women on employment pages to “offer them work as escorts or models”. The girls in the middle mention that they have been contacted by people seeking to represent them, when they work on their own and warn their colleagues not to be fooled by these advertisements.

Katherine, a 22-year-old escort girl, was contacted by a “modeling agency” when she was looking for work on a Facebook job posting page. They made her work for two months but never paid her for the services she performed. One of his clients suggested that he become independent. “He said,’How about I meet you outside and give you what the agency gave him. He gave me 3,500 pesos, when the agency charged 1,200 pesos and gave you half, but he never gave me anything.

Factors such as poverty, violence and exploitation, are what drive these women into sex work, rather than condemning them, is to analyze the society that leaves them without opportunities and see in the sex service the only alternative to get ahead, says Ana Yeli Pérez, coordinator of Justicia Pro Persona A.C. “The risk in this work is latent because many of those who hire, dehumanize and treat them as merchandise” he mentions.

Paola mentions that she would never advertise on Facebook because most girls who are published close their accounts because of nudity and denouncements and on Twitter it is less likely.

Women who advertise as “escorts” publish erotic images and sometimes show themselves in full nudes or pornographic videos in order to attract more people to their profile.

Paola takes advantage of all the advantages that the networks offer to her to advertise and get “followers”, who can be potential clients. Now his main goal is to save for a better future, “this is not for life. Nothing is forever, because youth will not last me; neither youth nor body. This is just a waterspout for what I want to do later on.

With the profits from her work, Paola has invested in two businesses and supports low-income children to continue their studies.

On the other hand, Allison and Samantha are two other women who also use social networks to offer their companionship services. Samantha advertises herself as an escort on Twitter and has more than 22,000 followers. In her previous job, as an assistant accountant, there wasn’t much to do and she spent her time on the internet, so she got to know the pages and profiles of her colleagues. “I thought, this is what I make in a month. At that time, I was very flat and said, how much can I charge, because I had no bubi and no pomp. But, anyway, the bills came out, I kept on winning a lot.

Allison has an account with 45,000 followers; she started selling used thongs for 800 pesos on Facebook fetish pages, when her number of customers went up, one of her main buyers, for a larger amount of money, suggested a service instead of underwear and she accepted. Now she’s been a sex server for three years.

“There is always a point of satisfaction at work, although there are times when you have to pretend,” says Paola. For her, self-employed sex work can be profitable, but she also faces discrimination, violent clients and sexually transmitted diseases.

The story of two escorts, one poor, one rich.

Two faces, one reality: prostitution. Vanessa is an economic prostitute. The cheapest service it offers is $50,000. Jessica is a prepaid VIP. Your minimum rate is $400,000.

For *Jessica the cell phone is fundamental, it has two. She is called every day to be invited to ostentatious trips and parties, *Vanessa doesn’t have a cell phone. Every night she goes out on the street to get customers.

She is 20 years old and lives with his mother and two underage sisters in Santo Domingo Sabio, a popular neighborhood in a commune in the northeast of Medellín. She is the head of the household, her mother is out of work so she decided eight months ago to become a prostitute.

She is a brunette, has long hair (up to her waist) and large hips, not as much as her breasts, which are firm but not operated on. There’s no money for that. He studied until ninth grade. And for now, he doesn’t have the time, or the desire, to continue studying.

On the other side of town, there’s 25-year-old Jessica. She lives alone with her pet in an apartment located in one of Medellín’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Like *Vanessa does, *Jessica is financially responsible for her mom and siblings, but she doesn’t have to go out on the street to wait for the highest bidder’s offer, she just waits for her cell phones to ring before going to work.

She is at university, has his own car, has a clothing boutique and has worked in more than ten countries: “I know Mexico, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Turkey, China, several European countries and Dubai. Since I have my own business, the day I feel the need to retire from this (prostitution), I will do it without any problem,” she says proudly.

Jessica is voluptuous. Her breasts and large hip, blond hair, tanned skin and face show less and less of the Jessica she used to be. She had surgery on his nose, chin and mouth. She’s been working as a prepay for four years. “My clients are cute and exclusive,” she says, not working out of necessity but to sustain a lifestyle.

A whore and a prepaid

For *Vanessa there is no difference, the two of them sleep for silver. “I’ve been a little prostitute, but I see that those who call themselves prepaid are invited to restaurants and other places before being eaten. They invite them to places where everyone knows they’re whores; they come in with their sneaky little faces, pretending to be fine women but going. We stand in the street without appearing to be anything and go to what it is: to the motel for as long as the client wants and leave, but whatever the protocol, we both have the same goal.

Jessica thinks differently. “They are two different things: firstly, we are not on the street, secondly, it is not with just anyone; nor is it with any chichigua and thirdly, it is not always to have sex, but to accompany clients to rumbas or events”.

How much does Vanessa charge and how much does Jessica charge?

Both agree that the rate may vary, but according to *Jessica the circumstances are different.

“The price of a prepayment is not lowered or negotiated. What is done is that if the customer needs you for several days, he is given a special price. For example, my fee for simple service is 400,000 pesos for 90 minutes, and if more than three meetings are held and they are paid immediately, I round up the value to 1 million pesos. A rumba service, which is usually all night, costs between 700,000 and 1 million pesos, depending on whether you like the plan or not, finally, when you are invited to a trip and regardless of whether it is to a town or another country, it must be paid for and the rate is 500,000 pesos per day. No rebate,” he warns.

On the other hand, Vanessa handles no more than two rates. “For an hour in a motel he charged between 100,000 and 150,000 pesos depending on the client, but if he only wants a blow job, it’s 50,000. I do not travel, nor do I dawn because I do not know them and it is better to avoid death”.

Why did you end up in the world of prostitution?

Vanessa says it was out of necessity. “My father died and my mother had to do the cleaning in other people’s houses and that doesn’t give us enough to live on. Then, by my own decision, I began to prostitute myself, I started in the center and now in Lleras Park. I work to support my family, no one knows about anyone, no one has to judge. Obviously, I’m not going to do this all my life, but for now it’s all there is to it.

Jessica is sincere. He ended up doing what she does only for money. “Poorly at home nothing was missing, I finished school and they started paying me for a degree, but because of my eagerness to want to have it all, I took pictures and signed up for an Internet portal that promotes pre-payments. They called me and it started to go really well. I worked there for a year because I had to give a percentage to the owner of the page, who asked me to sleep with him as a requirement, then I became independent, obviously I already had the contact of all the clients”.

How do you handle your job in front of family and friends?

Jessica is clear on that. “Everybody knows that. People are not dumb, it is obvious that if you see a woman alone putting up photos all over the world and she doesn’t work, but she has everything, don’t think she’s prepaid, then what you say is that she’s a model and there’s half a thing in the pod. Another thing is that if you give money to the family, the rest doesn’t matter, my mom is very interested, so she doesn’t fuck with me,” says the model.

For *Vanessa it’s a little more complicated. Her mother doesn’t scold her for what she does but scolds her when she arrives without money. “I have tried to be discreet, but a lot of girls come down from Santo Domingo to go to whorehouses, then they see you and water the gossip, I don’t care anymore, in the end I am the one who does it. My mom plays dumb with the subject and gets angry when I don’t give her money.

One could say at this point in the story, that the big difference is that one earns more money than the other, but if I prepaid it already has enough capital to live on without prostitution, why does it continue to do so?

“My life is delicious, at this moment I sleep with the one I want and not the one I get, of course I got ugly and I got mistreated, but now it’s different and I usually travel to work.”

Luxury and more luxury surround the prepaid. Vanessa, who stands on the street, says she doesn’t envy this. “I wasn’t born to be a whore, it’s something that touched me for the moment and what woman wouldn’t do it to see her family well? Unlike the prepaid ones, I wasn’t born to stay in this business. That’s why we street whores don’t give out the data, nor do we keep anyone’s phone number, because we’re hoping to get out of here.

Confessions of an escort

The life of an escort wanders between sacrifice and luxury; sex skills can lead to a first-class existence, but the cost can sometimes be very high.

Armida doesn’t like her name. He thinks it’s’ladylike’, he says. That’s why he changed it to Johana. The name doesn’t bother her because Johana is blonde, white, like the women of the Sinaloa mountains, tall and with well-formed curves. He does not seem to have left an adobe house with a tin roof, with a latrine in the courtyard surrounded by henhouses and pig pens. Nor are there any traces of her childhood, sowing cotton in the agricultural fields of Mazatlan, or of growing up among the land, misery and sun that falls like a burning mallet on the valley. Now a lush, 26-year-old woman, she buys her clothes in San Diego’s malls, comes to the beauty parlor once a week and drives a Patriot. “You manage your money very well,” I tell him. “That and that I have very good clients”, he points out.

Johana has been an escort for three years. The basic difference between a companion and a common sex worker is that the former offers, in addition to a sexual service, a temporary companionship, so that her rate is not measured in hours or in the number of sexual encounters. Johana, moreover, does not stand on street corners or go to shabby hotels. She receives a certain number of “permanent clients” in an apartment she has in front of the Mazatlan boardwalk. Among its neighbors are retired Canadians, narcos from Culiacan who spend their weekends in the port and local businessmen. She is also frequently invited by some of her clients to vacation in other cities. Thanks to them he got to know the United States and since then he can only buy his clothes in California, as in Rodeo Drive. A port businessman who owns hotels in Cabo San Lucas asks her to accompany him and while he’s at his business, he waits for him there in the presidential suite. When I say that he leads a life of luxury, he attacks me with a phrase: yes, but it has its price’.

But what’s the price, besides giving his body to men he probably doesn’t like? If we take into account that half of all married women live this situation, what is the sacrifice thanks to which this life of a queen is given, “I cannot seriously fall in love with anyone. Sometimes I feel lonely, I want to go out with someone my own age, I want to fall in love, but I can’t bond with anyone because I know I have a busy week for my clients. He tried it once and the experience was disastrous. She was with her friends, former college friends at one of the most popular beach clubs in Mazatlan. Immediately, the table occupied by five beautiful women caught the attention of the group at another table where there were five boys of the same age. They put the tables together and immediately after Johana sat down a kind of glasses that caught her attention. They isolated themselves from the rest of the group and talked all night long. He told about his travels and Johana already knew the places he mentioned. But when he asked who I had made those trips with, she had to lie. “I certainly wasn’t going to confess that my clients had taken me to those places,” he confesses.

After that night, they made an appointment to eat together the next day. She didn’t go on the date. One of the clients called her and she couldn’t refuse. For six hours, his cell phone was off. The time the client was in the apartment. “We had sex, we ate, we talked on the terrace, we had a beer, we had sex again, he invited me to Cancun because he had to see about some hotels there, his shirt got stained with beer and I had to wash it because I couldn’t get home with scent, see? That’s all an escort does.”

Fornicating, talking, preparing food, serving company on boring business trips, doing laundry. A regular housewife with a high salary,” I think. More like a housewife on a salary. Period.

The guy at the club didn’t call after the sit-in anymore. She looked for him. They met again and went to the movies for the weekend. But then she remembered that Saturday was scheduled for a very special customer: a state government official who, taking advantage of the fact that the governor would be at the port on Saturday, wanted to see her. “I can’t afford to turn down a client like that, because with what he gives me for a weekend, I pay the rent for this apartment. When I ask her if she has thought of renting something simpler (with a kitchen worth fifty thousand pesos in the background), she replies that “no, that would be going backwards. I never want to be poor again. Johana studied a bachelor’s degree in communication at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa. Johana, like many women in the port, dreamed of becoming a carnival queen. But the rules of the competition are that the girl who accumulates the most money during her candidacy will be the queen. So the crown usually falls into the hands of girls from wealthy families, daughters of narcos or famous singers.

“How did I get started in this,” he says, “was not even aware; I became a lover of a married man. Once I didn’t even have enough to pay the rent, I borrowed from him. He went to the house and gave me the money (in exchange for sex all afternoon). I felt like he was doing himself a favor. I paid the rent and thought: why not charge every guy I wanted to fuck?” It was after she became a client of the hotel bars, where the businessmen arrived. Government officials, American tourists. He immediately began to differentiate. Gringos don’t pay, he says. Some entrepreneurs are very stingy. The best are the civil servants. They don’t even have a hard time making the money they’re paid, so they spend it like shit. The heads of various state agencies have passed through his bed. The profiles of some of them are similar to Johana’s: poor by birth, rich when they come across that gold mine of corrupted public service. I ask her if she thinks of the future, when her charms cease to please and she is relieved by the new generations of pretty girls of humble origin: “Sometimes, but when I want to go out of business, since I save enough to live well and open a business, I will go to another city. To start a family like all women.” Her story is interrupted and she asks me to accompany her. We go out to the terrace; we are on the tenth floor of a beautiful condominium with its own swimming pool, gym and bar. Johana wants to show me the twilight. It is six o’clock in the afternoon and the sun sets behind the islands that are in front of Mazatlan’s boardwalk. The wind, the color of the sky, the sea in front. This life is perfect, after all, who would want to leave it?

“I’m a whore by choice. I didn’t want to work 12 hours for 600 euros”

Valérie May is part of a movement in Spain that defends sex work of its own free will. “I don’t want to be in this job system anymore,” he adds. Natalia Ferrari endured only three days working at a McDonald’s. “I should have started prostituting myself much sooner,” she laments.

Valérie May’s life can be read through her body. His left arm is almost completely occupied by a huge tattoo with different drawings: a pig, tomatoes, a lotus flower… They all represent vegetarianism, a long-established diet. The great composition ends in a triangle that was made when I was working as a social integrator. She has another tattoo on her ribs that she got from her sister with the word sisters.

The neckline has a painting by the painter Alfons Mucha in ink, symbolising feminism. His dog is in the left leg. In the belly lies a Japanese star that was made at the age of 17 and which means’hope’. The next one will be a pin-up with the word’empowered’ in English. She’ll do it in honor of her profession: that of a whore.

Valérie May is one of many women in Spain who are willingly engaged in sex work. Whores and feminists who, as if it were a carpet, have shaken up the word to the point of dropping all the stigmata that, like specks of dust, live clinging to it. They are women who understand that feminism implies taking control of their own bodies and that it is respectable. They do not glorify their work, but they defend it as the best option for them. For being your choice.

“Society prefers you to be a waitress working twelve hours a day for 600 euros rather than working on this,” says Valérie May. She defines herself on her website as an alternative escort. Her hair is green and her lips are lips are lipstick. The work is divided between Tarragona and what he does in Barcelona. She is 28 years old and has been a little over six months in prostitution.


His mother was the first person to know. You know he decided to do this job without hiding. No double lives. But many acquaintances are surprised, how did you decide that with your studies and work experience? The answer is easy for her: “I don’t want to be part of this labor system anymore,” she explains.

And because he has two fingers in front of him, he says. “One of the things people think when you get into this is that you’re going to get hit by alcohol, drugs, and you’re going to sleep with anyone. And quite the contrary. I’ve never smoked in my life and I choose my clients. A masseur offers his hands in exchange for a concrete experience. Well, mine’s the same thing. I don’t sell my body because that’s making you the property of something. And I don’t become anyone’s property. I come home with all my parts,” he laughs.

If you don’t think you’re going to get a connection from the start, you don’t stay with them. For example, it does not accept male chauvinists or people who believe they are in a superior situation because she is a whore. He admits he wouldn’t be with a hunter either.

He says that with the first client he broke the stigma. He was a younger boy than her. “Clients are completely normal people,” he says.

The association Aprosex helps women who, like Valérie, are just starting out in the profession. One of those women is Shirley McLaren. Her stage name is reminiscent of that of Shirley MacLaine, the actress for Irma the Sweet. But she stresses that that’s not why she chose him. Shirley’s because she’s a fan of the Scottish singer from the band Garbage. The last name is because he’s passionate about motor racing. And Ferraris already had a few.

“What has happened with the crisis is that many women who have lost their jobs and have no problem having sex with strangers have become involved in this. But, of course, without a guide. And like any task, you have to be reinventing yourself, updating yourself. Learning. The problem is that here, like we all fuck, people think they can do it well. There are people who can cook very well at home but then you can’t be a chef. It’s the same here. You have to become a professional, you are attentive to many issues,” he says.

Shirley is a transgendered woman who has lived in Spain for several years. Born in Mexico. He studied journalism there. She has been a prostitute for more than a decade. He responds to the abolitionists with determination: “We are the ones who have the upper hand. The abolitionist’s little speech is that he pays for our body, so the client can do with us what he wants. That’s bullshit. And it’s also super dangerous. The abolitionists, then, are protecting us or are they protecting their way of life,” she asks herself.

“I couldn’t work in a slaughterhouse because my guts would be stirred up, just like other women can be stirred up by eating a man’s cock,” she says.

Shirley defines prostitutes as “sex artists”. “Every relationship doesn’t work out the same way, it’s independent. It’s like you have a huipil. Each one is different because it is handmade and individual. And that has to come at a cost. We do not sell a product of necessity. We sell a luxury product,” he says. And that’s something that not all newbies take into account when setting prices.

There’s nothing wrong with the customers either. If they’re polite, clean and don’t haggle, everything’s fine. And if they’re having a good conversation and bringing you presents, so much the better.

The political struggle of the “Putas Indignadas”

Their struggle is also for the political branch. He has tried to talk and meet with different politicians. But he has not yet received a clear answer. “But why can’t we work for third parties who pay our social security like any other company? Simply because we work with the genitals.

He explains that he can’t talk to Alberto Garzón and that he once talked for five minutes with Íñigo Errejón, both from Unidos Podemos. But none of them end up being determined in his favor. “Human rights cannot be debated. We know that there are some very ugly things in our work, we won’t deny that. But as in other sectors. To make a mobile we know how to get coltan. But no one is saying that mining must be stopped or that the technology industry must be abolished. No. The only industry that they say should be abolished because there is trafficking and there is a violation of human rights is prostitution,” he says.

In addition to Aprosex, only in Barcelona there are three other organisations that look after the rights of sex workers: Putas Indignadas, Putas y Alianzas and the association Genera. For a while, the spokesperson for the first one was Paula Ezquerra, to show her face – “that they stand up for themselves, they don’t need me, but above all to the media because of the issue of stigma and the family,” she says.

She is now spokesperson for the general assembly. He has spoken to politicians, to international organizations. She has also been a CUP advisor in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona until the end of October this year. “I came to an agreement because I am more interested in focusing my struggle on the rights of sex workers,” she says. In this district is the Raval district and its Robadors street, where many sex workers are concentrated.

So Paula Ezquerra is a “whore activist”. “Or whore activist.” The thing is, he’s been practicing since he was 18. He is now 45. He was born in Buenos Aires, has dual nationality and has worked in many parts of the world. And for her, the best thing her job has given her is time off. A benefit he wouldn’t have gotten from any other job, he says.

“I have a phrase that is: the stigma of whoring crosses all women,” she says. “We take the word whore back, but I think all women should take it because it’s a way for men to control us.” Because Ezquerra stretches the speech to all women, not just sex workers. “If we have greater control over our body and we don’t allow anyone to tell us how to do, or how to be or dispose of our body, our sexuality, sensuality, eroticism, without that accusatory look of patriarchy and machismo, society will make an impressive advance,” he says.

Paula Ezquerra laments what they call the “sanctification of her vaginas” and the imposed morality. They should also always be exposed as victims, when they are not vulnerable, but “violated”.

“I should’ve started prostitution sooner.”

Another of the women who has most defended her work as a media whore in the last year has been Natalia Ferrari. She, unlike many other women, has not only made her face public. Also his name.

When she started making decisions about how she was going to work, she assumed she had to give herself a stage name when she saw what they were all doing. “But as I built up my discourse and realized that I wanted to work against stigma, I realized that I had no consistency in hiding or separating my identity from my work. I believe that doing so is a legitimate option and, given that we prostitutes experienced discrimination similar to homosexuals 50 or 60 years ago, in many cases anonymity is more than necessary for our security,” she says.

She adds: “Many women live in fear that they will find out about it and be thrown out of their other jobs, or that their families will stop talking to them, or that they will no longer want to hire them or refuse to rent them apartments. I felt that using my real name and showing my face wasn’t going to affect me that much, but it could make a difference in others. So that we can be seen as people who have decided to do this work, who do not want to live on the margins and who deserve respect.

Natalia Ferrari defines herself as a “rather peculiar” woman. She’s vegan, bisexual, atheist, antinatalist and only practices open relationships. He dropped out of high school when he was 13.

Before working as a prostitute I had tried other jobs. “Endured” being in a McDonald’s for three days and couldn’t take it anymore. The next thing was another two days working as a teleoperator. He also spent a couple of years as a security guard and customer service officer at a museum. Some time she spent as a full time volunteer with an animal rights NGO.

She says that she was very tired of her work, that she saw herself stagnating at the age of 30 or 40 in a precarious job that did nothing for her personal development. So he panicked. He decided to quit and look for alternatives. He found the conditions of prostitution very attractive to him.

“The first time I was afraid, for a moment I believed the story that men who pay are monsters and that the role of the whore is to be a submissive woman. But the reality is that the date was even more pleasant than others where no money was involved. I had the feeling that I should have started to prostitute myself much earlier.

My girlfriend works as an escort and I’ll tell you what happens to me with her and her profession.

My girlfriend is an escort.

The distinction between an escort and a prostitute used to be that the former were for accompanying events and other places and not for sex.

This definition became more flexible over time because prostitutes used it as a way of “covering themselves”.

In reality, the services are similar today, with the distinction that in addition to sex, escorts offer “dating” services: they go out to dinner, go somewhere (safe) with the client, etc.

Being an escort in a country where it is regulated

She is a legal escort in Nevada, USA, so she is relatively safe and the state’s statutes ensure that she is in good health.

Your body is part of the package you sell, but so is your mind.

So, besides eating well and staying fit, she reads a lot and has a lot of interesting things to say, because that’s also part of the job.

I make $75,000 a year (which would be $6,250 a month) and she makes more than three times as much as I do, which means that even though I’m 36 and she’s 26, she has more money for retirement and to buy a house than I do.

She, like most escorts, is extremely clean.

She bathes and brushes her teeth between clients.

Also, if you work in a legal brothel where people are paying attention to the rules, the condom should always be on, even during oral sex.

She gets tested very often, despite all the precautions to meet the regulations of the place where she works and state law.


Our conversations are interesting. The stories of his work keep us entertained.

“This guy wanted me to masturbate him while he was watching a movie… he put on’Finding Dory’ and started crying after 10 minutes”, she tells me. The escorts tell the best stories!

I get asked a lot about sex with her.

There are many examples of physical affection that she rarely – or never – would choose to share with a client.

For example, tantric sex, sharing breathing while making love, hugging, pampering, caring for each other with meaningful physical gestures of affection.

Most of us were in a relationship with someone who had sex with someone before us, would you feel unable to be close to the person you love knowing that you shared that connection with someone else in the past?

Jealousy is only a problem if monogamy was the agreed paradigm when the relationship began.

I knew what train I was getting on.

If I know everything that is going on, my confidence is not being broken, I am not being lied to and I am not being manipulated.

The rest is knowing I’m the guy she’s coming home for.

Anyway, I understand it’s not for everyone.

Sex is usually a symbol, a way of imparting deep desire and affection for someone. While that is mine, truly mine, the rest is semantics to me.People who generally use the escort service are very lonely, have aesthetic problems, self-confidence problems or personality problems.

Then you have guys with money who just don’t have time to invest in real relationships and just want to have fun.

My girlfriend takes care of them, makes them feel attractive and lets the world disappear for a while for them, because that is her job and she is very good at it.

However, she is always in “work mode”: she looks at the clock, watches the danger, pays attention to the customer experience.

That has nothing to do with what it’s like at home.

Many say they couldn’t handle being with someone who shares that intimacy with someone else, but is it really intimacy? Not on the same level. It’s just a physical act.


My girlfriend is honest and not afraid of who she is.

Relationships are based on communication and trust. Some people can handle being with someone who has sex as a form of work and others cannot, but no one wants to give their heart to a liar.

I’m not ashamed of who I am, who she is, or our relationship.

I’m not an ugly guy and I feel like I have a lot to offer.

Not all relationships work, of course, but so far everything has been very smooth.

Relationships rarely work well for insecure people, and that happens even in the best of circumstances.

Communication is the key, many have preconceived ideas of what a relationship is supposed to be like.

This is just a normal job that is not good most of the time and is worth it just for the money, especially when you have to deal with a sticky, obsessed client or with experiences that seem to be out of a nightmare.


My girlfriend encouraged me, if I wanted to, to be with someone else, but honestly I have little interest.

Regarding taking it as a job, the reality is that male escorts almost always serve male clients, but if there was a market for working with women and I wanted to do it, obviously she wouldn’t mind.

However, I am her fellow supporter, not your coworker.

She has a lot of partners to fulfill her clients’ fantasies of being with more than one person and can do so in a safe environment. I choose to stay out of it all.


Some are stuck in the idea that a woman’s courage and intelligence can be measured by how often she has sex and with how many people she has sex.

I wonder if they’d think the same way if I were a man.

She is a great person, we talk a lot about philosophy, quantum mechanics, socio-political issues and science.

You can’t just say “all these women are useless because they spread their legs for money and obviously have no other skills”. It’s just not true.

Some should check the yardstick they use to judge women’s intelligence and courage by how often they open their legs.

Why should what my partner chooses to do or not to do with his or her body affect our relationship or my self-esteem?

I respect that other people don’t have the same perspective as me, but that doesn’t make me any less proud of who I am.

If our relationship fails, it won’t be related to what she does for a living.

Relationships can work without sex at all or by having a mass orgy every weekend.

Sex is an act, good things are in what you share with each other.

I’m not interested in having casual sex with a lot of women, I got that out of my system in my 20s.

My girlfriend sometimes brings someone home from work. Honestly, that’s already my “extracurricular activities” limit.

She did this for a living when we first started dating (even though I knew her before).

It’s your money, not mine. It’s his body, not mine.

My partner is not my property.

She chooses to share herself with me and that’s beautiful.

The only part you have to decide if you drink is with sex, and that’s his job. At least we’re honest with each other and we communicate. I would always choose it over my previous relationships.